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Reclaiming your Relationship with 

your Body and with Food 


Carol Horton, PhD
Author of Yoga Ph.D., and coeditor of 21st Century Yoga
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In this compassionate, down-to-earth guide, Sarahjoy Marsh shares profound lessons learned from over twenty-five years of yoga practice, personal recovery, and successful 360 degree living. She gracefully integrates traditional yogic wisdom with modern psychological insight, and offers a much-needed road map to reconnecting with the healing powers of our innate life force.
Mary Taylor
Yoga Teacher and Author of What Are you Hungry For?
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For so many women, issues with food and body can hijack life. Sarahjoy Marsh skillfully weaves together principles from yoga philosophy with breathing, movement, and meditation practices to offer a path out of the perpetuating patterns of self- doubt, isolation, and unhappiness that can arise. This book is an invaluable contribution to the worlds of yoga and women’s health—and for anyone exploring the natural intelligence of body and mind as a means of finding balance and freedom.
Melanie Klein
Coeditor of Yoga and Body Image, and Cofounder of the Yoga and Body Image Coalition
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Sarahjoy Marsh offers an important methodology to those impacted by disordered eating – one that creates connection, harmony, and synthesis in one’s own being.

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Sarahjoy Marsh helps women struggling with food and body image issues. If you are ready to change, invest in learning new skills (and toss out outdated ones), and are committed to living a vibrant, courageous, connected life, Sarahjoy is here to help you.

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