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Chia, Flax & Hemp Protein Fiber Bars

My students are always looking for healthy ways to increase fiber, protein and healthy fats (like Omegas!) into their daily food routine. This Chia, Flax & Hemp Seed Protein Bar is kind of like a healthy granola bar.

Having easily prepared options at home makes it easier to choose what can be nourishing and healthy while also helping us to navigate a craving for something that we might have a challenging relationship with (such as a food that could lead to a binge).When we have fiber and protein with a sweet, we are more satiated. When we have refined sweets, without the fiber and protein, we are subject to bigger swings in blood sugar that adversely influence our glucose and insulin…


Mind Body Practices

Spring cleansing breathing practices include practices that help us to energize (overcome lethargy), to stimulate our mental focus, to alleviate internal pressure (aka anxiety)

Guidelines to Self- Care

  • Create a plan for self-care
  • Check in with yourself and your needs
  • Prevent situations where blood sugar and cravings take control

Ayurvedic Recipes

Beets are a wonderful food for cleansing the liver as well as being a good source of folate. They have been said to help with high blood pressure, reducing inflammation, improving digestion, and supporting cognitive function.