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Almond Milk IG size

Overnight Almond Milk

With so many processed foods available, our bodies are being influenced in ways we may not realize. For example, when these boxed forms of alternative milks include thickening agents (ie. guar gum) or added sugars. Making your own almond milk is not only clean and easy, it’s also more cost effective.

Plus, you can use the almond meal that is leftover from the almond milk! I will share a recipe with your for this in our next newsletter.


Mind Body Practices

Spring cleansing breathing practices include practices that help us to energize (overcome lethargy), to stimulate our mental focus, to alleviate internal pressure (aka anxiety)

Guidelines to Self- Care

  • Create a plan for self-care
  • Check in with yourself and your needs
  • Prevent situations where blood sugar and cravings take control

Ayurvedic Recipes

Food and spices are medicinal. They have an influence on our digestive and immune systems. For example, asparagus has a diuretic function that helps the cleansing process by