Hunger Hope and Healing

The Shocking Relief

It was a certain kind of shock. A definite re-calibration occurred. Repeatedly. And, sometimes it still does. No one had to tell me explicitly as a young woman. I knew it implicitly. My body should look like THIS, and not…

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The Cycle Of Shame

The Cycle of Shame

I listened empathetically as she described the way the morning “should have gone.” Those were the plans she’d made. Quite thorough she was in sequencing what was supposed to happen. Including the good feelings that should have come from those…

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We Can’t Do It Alone

Since our last discussion about shame as a force of isolation (an early protective mechanism), I’ve had the blessing of intersecting with new areas of community in the yoga world and to engage with other yoga visionaries, activists, entrepreneurs, as…

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When Shame Takes Hold

Thank you to those who wrote in response to our conversation about Shame. Shame is a horrible, sticky, overwhelming, toxic, and shocking rush of physiological, psychological, neurological, and emotional storms. In the midst of this storm, our shame voice shouts…

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